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Unveiling the Benefits

Digital Product Passports

As the landscape of product regulation evolves, Digital Product Passports (DPPs) emerge as indispensable tools for brands. Beyond mere compliance with the Ecodesign Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) set to mandate DPPs from 2026, these passports offer a multitude of advantages:


Engaging Digital Storytelling

Foster immersive interactions with customers both in-store and offline, amplifying brand engagement and loyalty.


Streamlined Repair, Returns and Recycling

Empower DPPs with features for repair, returns, re-sales, and recycling, enhancing sustainability efforts while simplifying processes for consumers and recyclers alike.


Enhanced Authentication and Ownership Verification

DPPs serve as irrefutable proofs of authenticity for individual items, aiding in combating theft and counterfeiting by facilitating easy tracing of ownership.


Efficient Certificate Management

Seamlessly manage certificates linked to each DPP, ensuring credibility through easy verification and access to relevant information.


Potent Marketing Tool

Leverage DPP storytelling on social media platforms to drive viral marketing campaigns, amplifying brand reach and resonance.

Why Quifactum?

Why we believe we are the partner to unburden you.

1. Scalability at Minimal Cost

Utilizing a Graph Database architecture, Quifactum ensures high scalability with minimal financial and environmental impact compared to traditional blockchain solutions.

2. Granular Product-Level DPP's

Enable value-added applications previously unattainable with batch or model-level passports, unlocking new dimensions of product management and consumer engagement.

3. Co-Created with Fashion Brands

Developed in close collaboration with industry leaders, Quifactum incorporates features tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of fashion brands, transcending mere regulatory compliance.

4. Transparent Pricing Model

Benefit from a straightforward pricing structure, with low fees per DPP that decrease as volume increases, ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability.

5. Tailored User Experience

Customize the front-end interface to seamlessly integrate with your brand identity, fostering consistency and brand loyalty among consumers.

Choose Quifactum for a future-proof solution that not only meets regulatory requirements but also propels your brand towards enhanced sustainability, credibility, and consumer engagement.

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